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Yulian Vysochanskii graduated from Uzhgorod State University in 1975. He protected candidate's dissertation in 1980 and doctoral dissertation in 1987 years. He received the professor titul on semiconductors physics in 1992.
Prof. Vysochanskii Yu. M. works in area of physics of semiconductors, ferroelectrics, structural phase transitions, nonlinear optics chalcogenide materials. In 1995 the "Honoured worker of science and technique of Ukraine" got the rank, in 2000 became the laureate of the State prize of Ukraine in area of science and technique, in 2006 the "Honored professor Uzhgorod National University" got the honorary title.
He is author and coauthor about 450 scientiifc works, coauthor of five scientific monographs and six training aids. Prepared 16 candidates of science. Repeatedly read a scientific reports and lectures on international conferences and in the universities of Austria, Spain, France, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Czekh, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and other countries. He has been elected in staff of coordinating council of European Physical Society. Prof. Vysochanskii Yu.M. is the member of organizational committee and organizer more than 10 international scientific conferences. He is the head of international grants INTAS, COPERNICUS, SCOPES, UNTTs and Ukrainian - Lithuanian intergovernmental scientific project on researches of physical principles and development of new materials for information technologies.